Florence the Elephant


Hand painted Florence the Elephant with gold sparkle and red satin cord piping approx 15″


Inspired by some elephant paintings that my son brought back from India for me I have been waiting for the time to try my hand at painting something different but along the lines of the Indian elephants.  Florence the Elephant has gold sparkle decoration and red satin cord piping. Approx 16″.

Cushion supplied with hollowfill insert.

Luxury feather pad can be supplied if required.

The design is painted with special paint medium for fabric to protect the flexibility (normally used for clothing) and then heat sealed. As the canvas is unprimed artists canvas, I would advise to spot or wipe clean. Creases soon vanish when the cushion is plumped, however, creases in the cushion covers can easily be ironed out by ensuring that stiff card or heavy paper is placed between the design and the iron, in order to protect the design, fabric and the iron. Care instructions are attached to the cushions.


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