Textile Gallery

Nautical-themed cushions are individually handpainted on canvas by Maxine Williams and the designs are also available on framed canvases too.

As all the paintings are original, no two cushions are exactly the same which makes them truly unique and the cushions can be produced in a variety of sizes and also designs of your choice.

The cushions can be made up larger or smaller, piped or un-piped, with or without the insert pad and from the present designs or from one of your own ideas.

All of the cushions are also available to purchase with feather or hollowfill according to your requirements.

Prices range from £35 – £45 + postage for a piped, unfilled 16″ x 16″.

Bistro chair cushions are 36cms-38cms in diameter and can be piped or unpiped with a design of your choice and are supplied unfilled for £40  + postage.

Please do contact us to discuss any of your specific requirements.